????✨2021 vS 2018 ✨???? - ✨????TPN vErSiOn????✨ - ✨???? gAcHa cLuB ????????✨ EaRrApE WaRnInG ✨????

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oKay So DoN wEnT tOwArDs tHe LinE fOr fUn- EmMa tHouGht ShE wOuld tRaNsfOrM LiKe dOn- GilDa wAs wOrRieD cUz sHe sAw EmMa's gUcCi bRaCeLetS aNd wAntEd tO bAndAge aNd HelP hEr- NoRmAn wAs tRaUmAtIzEd aNd fRoZe WheN hE sAw GiLdA aS oWo cAt- Ray Is jUsT miNindIng HiS oWn BuSiNesS.
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