6 Treasure X Ninja Gold “Dragons” We Found Gold Coins! Series 6 Unboxing Adventure Fun Toy Review!

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6 Treasure X Ninja Gold “Dragons” We Found Gold Coins! Series 6 Unboxing Adventure Fun Toy Review! The all new Treasure X Ninja Gold Dragons Season 6 includes all 6 Treasure X Dragons and a chance to find four Ultra-Rare Real Gold Dipped Coins Treasure! There are six categories of Treasure X Dragons to collect including: Light, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Shadow. There’s a total of 6 Gold Treasure X Dragons to collect including: the Transparent Finish Light Spike Dragon, Transparent Glitter Finish Wave Breaker Dragon, Emberback Dragon, Crackle Finish Earth Viper Dragon, Metallic Finish Ultra-Rare Glow-In-The-Dark Eyes Shadow Flame Dragon and the Transparent Finish Chill Blaster Dragon! Along with six common treasures to collect including: The Power of Light, Flame of Fortune, Winds of Gold, Golden Pinnacle, Secrets of the Shadow and Golden Wave; AND the Ultra-rare gold dipped treasure the Ultimate Energy! Also, collect all six unique swords including: Edge of Earth, Sword of Fire, Cyclone Sword, Tsunami Sword, Shadow Sword and Bolt Sword! Each rare gold coin has a reverse backing to place it into the hilt of your sword to then place on the dojo! Like Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, this will be as fun with all true Treasure X Dragons, and their gold quest maps in hand going after those real gold doubloons as Jake, Izzie and Cubby! Dragons even as dangerous as the Lord of the Rings The Hobbit dragon Smog. But watch out for any Captain Hooks, or Davey Jones around who might try and spoil the treasure hunt. No Pirates to plunder these Dragon gold treasures, or Disney’s Johnny Depp pirates of the Caribbean keep you back from finding your own treasure chest of gold! This is a how to unbox the all new Treasure X Sunken Gold Series 6 Dragons Treasure Toy Review. Join Dad on this exciting step-by-step treasure map quest hunt for real gold, smashing through water wax and boards for that treasure that has been dipped in real gold! This quest for the gold treasure and treasure hunters begins with his treasure map to begin the adventure! Let the gold treasure hunting of Treasure X Ninja Gold Coins begin! Have AdventureFun! watching this family fun Treasure X Season 6, hunt for sunken gold treasure, and toy action figures, toys review by Dad!!

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