Biden admin’s 1st trade report calls out China; China state-run media comments on April Fool's day

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This year, even the Chinese Communist Party is taking notice of April Fool's Day. But it seems the apparent jokes went too far.

The Biden Administration’s first trade report labels Beijing as the “world’s leading offender” of creating overcapacity in a number of sectors. It also reiterates China’s responsibilities under the phase one trade agreement.

Chinese state-run media outlets quote a French reporter, who denies that genocide is happening in China’s Xinjiang region. But French media say this reporter doesn't actually exist.

A number of international fashion brands are refusing to use cotton from Xinjiang, due to concerns over forced labor. But the abusive labor practice isn't just limited to that region. A new book brings the situation to light.

And two Chinese-made vaccines have met the World Health Organization’s standard. But some countries who’ve distributed those doses are facing a surge of new infections.

00:00 Intro
01:03 China state-run media comments on April Fool's day
02:46 China is world’s leading trade offender: report
04:37 Boeing urges to not hurt China trade
06:18 H&M vows to regain China’s trust amid boycott
07:15 CCP's French reporter suspected to be fake
08:45 Book spotlights forced labor in China
13:57 HK: 7 convicted despite 'freedom of assembly'
15:31 Chinese vaccine efficacy raises questions
17:47 NASA lists Taiwan as Country, Beijing outraged
18:52 CCP propagandist draws ire with Taiwan comment
20:44 Australians protest new Chinese consulate

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Biden admin’s 1st trade report calls out China; China state-run media comments on April Fool's day
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