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ok here's the explanation of this vid for the peeps who can't

When y/n was young,She want to be a hero like all might(Bc we actually know he's cool????)

But y/n's father want her to be a doctor like him

So one night at y/n's room She said to herself that she want to be a hero too.

*the next morning*
(at y/n' dads clinic)

y/n want to go somewhere to secretly use her quirk

but Emilia was waiting for y/n outside so she cancelled her plan

*At the play ground*
y / n quinced what happened to her last night

(The villains attacked you and successfully kidnapped you)(Bc Y/N has a powerful quirk)

The strange man says "if your father doesn't want you to become a hero,then Why Join LOV(Villains)Instead?

so the strange man convinced y/n to join LOV.

take it seriously please.

Soo do you want part 2 of this?
I'mma make if you want????

And also thank you very much for subscribing me????????????✨
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