Donna Summer ~ MacArthur Park 1978 Stringapella Version

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this one is a shout out to my friend, niecy!

MacArthur Park is a great single that evokes several distinct romantic images, being in park, by the trees, men playing checkers that sets a clear pastoral scene in my head. It seemed to be a bit psychedelic when the part describing that the park is melting in the dark and about leaving the cake out in the rain has me thinking that someone was inconsiderate enough to leave a lovely cake in the rain that he worked so hard on and its getting near evening now. So maybe the cake is his relationship and he realizes its ending. There has been lots of discussion about it.

Richard Harris took his 1968 version to #2. Donna released a three sides live and one studio side LP that contained the extended MacArthur Park Suite. Donna's version stormed the charts and spent three weeks at #1. She really sang her heart out on that one, connecting emotionally as she tosses those lyrics out right at you. She is able to reach inside of herself and sing the words in a way where you can feel the emotion she wants you to feel.

I was working on a remix of MacArthur Park, when this unexpected beauty came up. This track is Donna with violins and nothing else. Eight minutes fly right by, her voice is so clear it brought tears to my eyes as I can now hear every left in a part where she speaks a few of the lyrics about 2/3rds through the song. It was cut off like the sound engineer realized he should have stopped recording that track at that point.
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