Galamsey - For a Fistful of Gold | Documentary about the illegal gold business in Ghana

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A Documentary about illegal gold business in West Africa. What does it mean for residents of a small town in Ghana to live on top of a huge gold deposit?

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As a young development worker the narrator experienced a gold rush in a small town in Ghana. Some years later he returns to find out what the gold really means for residents of this town. On his journey he meets old friends, arrives at places of destruction and learns about a dangerous magnetism
between people and gold. In the small town a bloody conflict broke out between local police and gold miners. Who are profiteers and who are victims in this hunt for glittering stones?

Director: Johannes Preuss
Cinematography: Johannes Preuss
Filmmusic: Chiara Strickland
Sounddesign: Claudio Demel
Editing: Manuel Sosnowski
Animation: Oleg Kauz

© 2017, Licensed by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
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