I’m selling all my Silver & Gold... Here’s why

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[Part 1] "Silver & Gold Orders BLOCKED by Precious Metal Dealing Websites":

[Part ] “What Will Silver Do?! (Live Market Opening)”:

[Part 2] "Silver Spot Price Climbs to $30 but BEWARE!":

[Part 3] "Silver Orders are Getting CANCELLED by Precious Metal Dealing Websites! (Spot Price Falls to $26/oz)”:

[Part 4] “Silver Stackers, Be Careful & Don’t Get Distracted! (Precious Metal Issue)”:

[Part 5] “Why Silver Eagles Premiums SKYROCKETED & How I’ll Focus on Gold!”:

[Part 6] "Silver Spot Price FELL to $25/oz, Still a High Demand!":


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Video Upload 1864 (Season 6, Episode 33): Don't You Dare Stop Smiling! Now I may not be a financial advisor so nothing said on this channel should be taken as financial but I love discussing all areas of personal finance. Today I talk what are your thoughts? Just something fun to think about. Some facts & some opinions, but I’m also What do YOU think of this subject? Let’s talk about it.

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