Kakashi's Death Battle Against 300 Shinobi Mercenaries In Boruto Naruto Next Generations!

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After Hokage Naruto suddenly came down with a rare chakra illness that nearly took the life of the sage of six paths, Kakashi Hatake, the former sixth hokage, quickly set off for the land of Redaku with the intention of finding a cure for Naruto's deadly chakra illness. While Sasuke and Sakura checked another part of the land where the sage of six paths once lived, Kakashi quickly found himself in a dire situation as he searched for clues for a cure to save Naruto. A Shinobi mercenary army of over 300 people and 40 canons was on its way to the land of fire, led by a power hungry prime minister who Kakashi had been suspicious of from the very moment he arrived in the country and searched for a way to save Naruto. It would be in that moment that as the army marched forward, that Kakashi Hatake, a man who was quickly on his way to becoming a legend without the sharingan, had no choice but to stand alone in front of this mercenary army of 300 holding the line to prevent them from going any further. Just as previous kages faced off against large numbers of shinobi alone, like Tobirama and the third Raikage, Kakashi now had no choice but to break his cover and reveal himself as he entered into this battle. The climax for Kakashi Retsuden is quickly coming upon us! Grab those ramen bowls for this latest installment of Kakashi Retsuden!
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