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MAL vs ELSA in a DESCENDANTS vs FROZEN Sister Battle Royale with Anna and Mal's sister, Hallie too! This is a battle of MAGIC POWERS to determine who will win the Sister Battle Royale -- Mal and Hallie aka Descendants or Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Who will win -- Mal vs Elsa? Mal's sister Hallie? Elsa vs Anna? The Descendants face off against the Frozen Sisters to see who is more powerful in this Sister Battle Royale, and who will be deemed the ultimate queen of all four sisters!

ONCE UPON A TIME at STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC by BFF Besties, the DISNEY DESCENDANTS and the DISNEY PRINCESSES and PRINCES came together to try and stop a villainous group called the CHAOS CREW from getting the SEVEN SPIRIT STONES that would give them ULTIMATE POWER! Come along on the exciting journey and help the BFF Besties solve the mysteries and figure out who is SUS, who is not, and who is somewhere in between! Let us know any clues you see and theories you have from this episode of STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC by BFF Besties.

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