Minecraft Build Battle but it's Non-Euclidean

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-- Minecraft Build Battle but it's Non-Euclidean --
Today we used the Immersive Portals mod to see who could make the coolest build! Build Battle with immersive portals added was really cool and I hope you enjoyed! If you did be sure to leave a like and a subscribe :)
-- Minecraft Build Battle but it's Non-Euclidean --


Me and Jojo had really fun and laughed well while playing minecraft with the immersive portals mod installed. Mods are fun, quite funny and can be found fun and laughable when used in minecraft for Build Battle inspired Hypixel build battle minigame, same server as Bed Wars with celebrity minecrafter Technoblade, who plays on Dream Team SMP, Dream SMP. Immersive portals is a fun hilarious cool mod that elevates your minecraft creative building, build tutorial, build skills to the next level. Really is awesome. Minecraft mods are fun. Build battle with a huge hilarious laugh twist.
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